"Greg and I became friends on the set of a television show."  Says Selectrics singer Gina Marie.  A working actress in LA, Gina began a musical collaboration with Smash Mouth guitarist and chief songwriter, Greg Camp (All Star, Walking on the Sun).  Their initial idea was to record holiday songs for friends and family.  "We picked classic and obscure songs." Gina says.  "The sound we ended up with became the foundation for The Selectrics original album.” Greg states, “The influence varies but the obvious is the recording style of Phil Spector and the artists that he worked with.  When I asked Gina in the beginning what she envisioned the band to sound like she replied "Boots" by Nancy Sinatra meets The Cramps.  We also listen to a lot of 60's French pop, Serge Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot."

When they step into their Selectrics mad laboratory, their alter egos take over.  She becomes Agent Venus Honeytrap; Greg, Collin Sik.  “there is this feeling of transformation which allows us to step into our creative space.  The music comes naturally when we are in character and the lyrics follow, it's a marriage within a marriage.” Says Greg.



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